Sand in the City

We had a wonderful time at Sand in the City this past weekend!  The weather was perfect, so it was no surprise that the event had record-setting attendance.

We support events in our community because we value relationships.  It gives us the chance to meet new people, and catch up with some we haven’t seen in a while.  See, the people in our community are more than just potential customers to us.  They are our neighbors, our friends, and people that we strive to build trust with.

Often times at these types of events, someone will walk up to our booth with questions about a claim they had, or maybe a story of a bad experience they had with another company.  We have over 25 years of experience between us, so we love it when we can be a resource for people.  When people in our community think insurance, we want them to think about The Head Insurance Group.  Not because of some slick sales pitch, but because of the relationships and trust that we stand for in the community.

The Arvada Chamber of Commerce and their wonderful volunteers deserve a huge THANK YOU for all of their efforts to make this event a success.  We can’t wait to be back at Sand in the City next year!

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