Pet Insurance

You love your pet, so the decision to take care of him or her is a simple one for you and your family. Just like humans, pets can get sick or be involved in an accident at a moment’s notice.  They also can develop chronic illnesses such as allergies, diabetes, and cancer. Vet visits, surgeries,

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Is Insurance the Solution to Managing All Business Risk?

While insurance may offer protection against many business risks, no single policy or combination of policies will protect a business from the myriad of risks faced by the business, the business owners or their employees. It is essential for the business risk manager/business owner to:        Identify potential risks: What can possibly go wrong?        Measure frequency

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Important Considerations Before Signing a Commercial Lease

Insurance Issues: In most commercial leasing situations you will need a general commercial liability insurance policy in place prior to moving in.  If you sign a lease and then find you cannot get insurance, you may still be stuck paying for the lease. The minimum insurance protection most businesses need includes: General liability: which provides

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